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One Body One Hope is a partnership between our community and the Liberian community built on friendship, on the belief that redevelopment and transformation can really only happen in the context of relationship. We strive to encourage and empower each other to be the change that this world so desperately seeks. To rebuild and renew ourselves, and therefore our families, churches, communities, and world. 

The gospel is alive and powerful. It is global and transformative. It is relational...And it calls you not to just spend your money, but to spend yourself

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Our Philosophy of Ministry: “Reciprocal Missions”

posted January 19, 2016 by Nicole Baart

As we head into 2016, we thought it would be appropriate take the opportunity to tell you a bit about our philosophy at One Body One Hope and the unique way we approach ministry. At OBOH we believe in "reciprocal missions," a phrase our founder coined several years ago when we began to realize that we were receiving far more than we were giving in our missional relationships. Basically, reciprocal miss ...read more

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