It is with great delight that we announce a new ministry endeavor of One Body One Hope: our first full-time employee. In April 2016, our board finalized plans to hire Austin Lindemulder. You can read Austin’s bio below, but for a quick frame of reference, Austin was the catalyst that started the bridge project and also one of the four Dordt engineering majors who saw it through to completion. Austin has been to Liberia on three trips with OBOH, and our Liberian friends call him “The Commander." In a way that only God could have orchestrated, it has become apparent to both Austin and the leadership of OBOH that this is the logical and very exciting next step in our ministry growth. We hope you agree and offer Austin your prayers and warm welcome!

Austin’s title will be Interim Development Coordinator and his job will have components in both the US and Liberia. On this side of the Atlantic, Austin will work primarily with growth and ministry development, furthering the reach of OBOH and expanding our donor base. He will also be an integral part of our teams as he works to coordinate communications and streamline processes. In Liberia, Austin will be a programs catalyst, helping implement ideas and strategies and helping coordinate new ministry endeavors. It is our hope that Austin will split his time between the US and Liberia, but specific timeframes and trip dates have not yet been set. However, we plan to have Austin officially begin his year-long, interim position (with a review and potential extension of employment) on June 1, 2016.


Interim Development Coordinator - Austin Lindemulder

Prayer Requests

For Austin and oboh:

  • Safe travels to and from Liberia

  • That the container will arrive safely and make it through port without any problems

  • Wisdom as we go forward with projects

  • For everyone involved in these projects in Liberia. (i.e. The farm, pastors at the churches, the school, etc.)

  • The “empower a pastor” campaign

  • That relationships will grow and thrive within the OBOH and AVDC communities

For our Liberian friends:

  • Receptive hearts among the people they witness to
  • Both physical and spiritual strength as they face poverty and opposition to the gospel
  • The desire, passion, and knowledge to develop their community both economically and as the church
  • The children at all three children’s homes; for safety and health
  • The school and the teachers
  • The caretakers and the cooks at the childrens homes
  • Safety and health in the development of the farm

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