What we do...

Child Sponsorship Program

Offer a child sponsorship program for the 60 kids at Christ Our Hope orphanage. With the help of our donors, the children receive a solid, Christ-centered education, housing, food, clothing, medical care, spiritual, moral, and social training, and the loving care of a compassionate extended family. Learn more...

Family Sponsorship Program

Provide a family sponsorship program for the teachers, cooks, caretakers, cleaners, and security workers at Christ Our Hope orphanage. This program allows us to pay the orphanage workers a livable wage so they can provide for their own families. Learn more...

Targeted Assistance

Raise targeted assistance for special projects when opportunities arise (for example: agricultural projects, grain drives, educational opportunities, and redevelopment).

Church Partnership

Facilitate a church partnership program that pairs congregations in North America with sister churches in Liberia. Learn more...

Evangelism and Church Planting

Support evangelism and church planting in Liberia by offering training, encouragement, financial assistance, and more.


Sustain new projects and endeavors by coordinating closely with our friends in Liberia and offering help and advice as needed. Some of the projects that we have collaborated on include an eight-acre farm project, a new high school initiative, teacher and pastor training, and modernizing the facilities of Christ Our Hope. 

Dream big!

Our long term goals are multifaceted and ever-changing. Because we exist in such close relationship with our friends in Liberia, we are continually imaging a bright future!